Why choose EmeCloud?

Do other cloud providers force you to think their way?

Operate the same way you always have!

Our main goal at EmeCloud was to create a cloud experience whereby you do not have to “retrain” yourself and your team to work differently.

Easily identify your cloud applications.

With our Launchpad delivery model we help you keep track of your cloud applications in one, easy to use tablet like interface.

Simple and easy printing.

If you can print to your local printer now you can print from EmeCloud!

Where are my files?

Using our Online File Cabinet we give you a view and way of looking at your cloud files that is no different than you have been used to (except we add some great features to make your life even easier!)


What about restoring my data?

EmeCloud puts the ability to restore files or see previous versions in your hands!  With a few simple clicks through our Online File Cabinet you can recover a lost file in minutes!

Can I chose what I want?

EmeCloud gives you the ability to pick and chose what applications you are going to use from the cloud.  You can add or subtract applications at any time.

Interested in seeing how this works?


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