SMB betting big on the Cloud

SMB and Midmarket betting big on the Cloud and Big Data

As part of a series of interviews I did looking back at 2012 and ahead at 2013 and beyond, I had a chance to sit down with Ed Abrams, IBM’s VP of marketing and strategy for SMB.  Ed and I spoke about what IBM’s 2012 Tech Trends Report shows. Our full conversation (about 18 minutes long) is available to listen to below.

For me there were several highlights in my conversation with Ed and the trends shown in the report.  Perhaps the biggest was the findings that at least for the midmarket and SMB space, security is no longer a significant deterrent in moving to the cloud.  For almost as long as we have heard about the cloud, we have heard that security is the single biggest factor that is preventing companies from moving to the cloud.  The “cloud bogeyman” as I have called it, to me at least was always more FUD then truth.  The fact is most cloud providers have better security then many organizations; especially better than midmarket and SMBs can afford to implement themselves.  The fact that security is no longer a significant barrier is welcome news.  I am not sure if it is because people realized that security in the cloud is not that bad or if people just don’t care though.  In any event I was glad to hear of these findings from Abrams.

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