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Reseller Single-mindedness- EmeCloud is 100% channel only, we do not sell direct to end-users. We are committed to each of our Resellers, viewing each partnership more like a business partnership where success is mutually dependent. Our company founders are long-time veterans in the channel and understand what it means to be a VAR, MSP, or a Reseller. Through the use of EmeCloud our Resellers are able expand the reach and effectiveness of their highly skilled engineering resources. EmeCloud does not require capital investment in personnel, hardware or infrastructure.

Think it takes weeks or months to get selling the cloud?  In many cases Cloud Computing offerings are hard to visualize and for that reason we provide our resellers with a fast start program that includes the following samples provided here:

  1. An end-client PowerPoint presentation that can be easily branded with your company logo and contact information
  2. End-client Cloud Services Brochures (PPT format) that can be easily branded with your company logo and contact information
  3. Your own branded, demo account for your use in your demonstrations and end-client evaluations (see below for details!)
  4. A customizable Quoting System- no extra cost
  5. A customizable end-client invoicing module- no extra cost
  6. Our end–client Opportunity Registration System protects your opportunities for 60 days

Investing in Your Success – We are dedicated to helping you succeed by providing branded software, branded web portal, brandable marketing materials and low-maintenance low-overhead solutions that provide very profitable reseller margins across the board. Additionally, we provide our cloud offering with no long-term commitment required by you or your clients.

Profitably Answer Problems – Join our Reseller program and use any combination of our Cloud Services for your clients and earn profitable recurring revenue. Our solution has been proven to work well and be economical for clients of all sizes- from a small, 5 user environment to hundreds of users in multiple locations. Your clients will enjoy the benefits of a unified solution where they can access to their data in the cloud from anywhere.

Reseller Program Details

Our solutions are designed from the ground up with Solution Providers in mind:

  • Generate recurring revenue – Our partners generate subscription-based, profitable monthly recurring revenue for each client that they sign up. EmeCloud does not require capital investment in hardware or infrastructure. Furthermore, Microsoft licenses are provided as part of our Cloud desktop offering- allowing you the flexibility of month to month application activation with no annual commitment needed.
  • High margins from the first client that you sign up – Competitive pricing for partners of all sizes. Set your own pricing by client or by application or bundle it with your other services.
  • Reseller Control Panel – A one stop shop for all provisioning, documentation, technical notes and marketing literature. All resources are fully brandable for your own use.
  • End-Client Quoting and Proposal System - Allows you to establish pricing using multiple pricing templates while also allowing you the flexibility to adjust prices by line item as needed. A quote can be easily generated that allows you to email your client with your own branded proposal and cover letter while keeping your costs confidential.
  • Lead registration and protection - EmeCloud™ protects your opportunities if you register them during the quoting process. The way we identify unique opportunities is by registering your client’s domain name. You always have the option to establish quotes without registering an opportunity.
  • Private-label Branding – Envision our Cloud Desktops with your logos, your product names, your contact information, everywhere. Build a unique offering with your brand name recognition.
  • Rapid Provisioning – No need to bother with license keys and wait times. Use our Reseller Control Panel to rapidly provision accounts. As soon as your client is ready to go, you will be too. Simplify billing with our month-end summary report.
  • Free Demo accounts – Resellers receive limited free demo accounts that they can use to encourage their clients to take a test drive. The best way to sell customers is to setup free trial accounts and let them come to trust and rely on the product. We’re confident that once they test drive our solution your clients will want it. Let the technology sell itself!
  • Free sales and technical training -To help maximize your time, we have brief, on-demand videos that help train each new reseller and their team whenever their time permits. Our sales team is available to assist with your unique circumstances.
  • Free product support – To minimize your support time and maximize your profits our FAQ’s are kept up to date with topics of interest and common error conditions. We hire the best top-notch technical engineers and provide all support in-house. You’ll always talk to someone deeply familiar with our product that is committed to providing timely solutions to your questions and issues.

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  • Latest Pricing Guide
  • EmeCloud Digital EmeCloud Reseller Agreement for electronic submission
  • Print a copy of the EmeCloud Reseller Agreement
  • Approved Reseller Information Form for electronic submission located
  • Print a copy of the Approved Reseller Information Form

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