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The cloud computing concept is one which has gained tremendous traction over the past few years however there are still concerns from businesses about its readiness for their particular application or need. This is driving more and more businesses to look at the cloud as tactical place to put services or parts of their IT infrastructure that they know will work in a phased approach. EmeCloud allows you to do just that. Start with email or one of your line of business apps and add a complete office suite, storage, critical server and more when you decide you want turn it on.

In integrating IT it is all about lowering the cost of management, improving productivity and flexibility as well as having as seamless experience for the user as possible. Together with our Partners we aim to simplify IT for businesses-small and large alike.

In many cases cloud solutions have unburdened businesses, making them more agile and able to respond quickly to changes to internal and external influences but based on the situation the business can realize so much more that they wouldn’t believe is possible with the simplicity we offer. Is Cloud Computing right for you? Take a look at the benefits below and decide.


20 Benefits of EmeCloud for any size business 

  1. Turn-key Remote Working Solutions – We have simplified the delivery of Cloud Desktops and integrated them into secure, stable and redundant packaged Cloud services that are familiar and intuitive, and deliver a user experience consistent with locally delivered software. This ensures users make the most of Cloud technology right away, and lets businesses start reaping the benefits with no delay.
  2. Trust – We adhere to strict privacy policies and sophisticated security measures that mean keeping data in the Cloud is actually more secure than traditional on-premise. Hosting data in our purpose-built data centers not only provides physical security, it also gives businesses complete control over who can access data, when and how. Hosted desktop and file server solutions are delivered using industry standard encryption methods, and allow securely hosted, permission-based data control.
  3. ‘Future-Proof’ IT- Using cloud-based services removes the need for periodical hardware and software updates. Your business will always have access to the latest technologies, and enjoy reliable IT services that have been professionally tested and are professionally supported. Reduce risk of any obsolescence.
  4. ‘Hub & Spoke’ IT – With the Cloud at the center of a hub & spoke topology, businesses with distributed workforces can now employ Cloud Computing services across the organization; with no compromise in the performance of their key IT. Local connectivity links all sites to the cloud, with centralized Active Directory, app & file serving.
  5. Eliminate complex security challenges:
    • Security monitoring 24x7x365 for immediate remediation from viruses, malware and other malicious intruders
    • Centralized data storage minimizes risks of data confidentiality when devices are lost or stolen
    • Easy to customize security policies and clearances for all employees and to quickly modify as necessary
    • Data residing locally on laptops or desktops is dangerous. With our Cloud Service your data is always secure in our data center.
  6. Improve Employee Productivity:
    • Mobile workforce stays on-line with our Cloud Desktops with any internet connected device
    • Enables telecommuting with full access to applications and data
    • Fortune 500 applications experience with dozens of best-in-class applications available
    • Software upgrades on centralized servers make applications available to all users immediately and eliminates downtime waiting for device reconfiguration. Refreshing of our software and related products are routine and regular.
  7. IT infrastructure that’s centralized, consistent and agile:
    • Best-in-class technologies supported by industry-leading controls
    • Fully managed, redundant data center with automated backup and disaster recovery
    • Empowers IT staff to focus on strategic revenue generating initiatives and frees them from many internal support issues
  8. Lower Initial Investment – If you already have a computer and an Internet connection, you can very likely take advantage of most cloud offerings without investing in any new hardware, specialized software, or adding to staff.
  9. Lower total overall cost of ownership:
    • Cloud based services allow businesses to lower TCO by replacing Capital Expenditure with Operating Expenditure, as users only pay for the services they need.
    • Eliminate capital expenditures for servers, networking technology, maintenance, licenses and software and redirect it other business enhancing areas.
    • Lower IT operating costs – eliminates the need for upgrades and maintenance costs on internal hardware and software
    • Allows you to reclaim data center real estate, reduce power/cooling expenses
  10. Scalability- Cloud computing can be scaled to match the changing needs of your business as it grows. You can quickly add additional licenses, storage space, and more as needed. Also, you can easily scale down as staff is reduced permanently or temporarily such as seasonal/temporary employees and interns.
  11. Predictable IT budget based on monthly subscription fees, without costly surprises
  12. Anytime, Anywhere access – Cloud-hosted desktops allow users to access their files anytime, anywhere, using any device allowing for a more nimble workforce. Files are no longer stuck on one single computer.
  13. Ease of Collaboration: Saving and accessing files through the cloud allows everyone to work from the same master document. Administrators can even implement access and permission controls.
  14. Improves Efficiency – After migrating to the cloud, companies no longer worry about power requirements, space considerations or software updates
  15. Disaster Relief – If your business were to suffer a weather- or power-related shutdown, your data would not only be preserved but could be accessed from other locations than your physical place of business as long as you have an internet connection.
  16. Skilled Support: Hosted services are supported by cloud experts improving application performance and availability.
  17. Easier to manage – There are no power requirements or space considerations to think about and users do not have to understand the underlying technology in order to take advantage of it. You will not be responsible for maintaining and updating any new hardware or software. Planning time is considerably less as well since there are fewer logistical issues.
  18. Pay as You Go – Our Cloud offerings are available on a month to month basis with no long term contracts.
  19. Ease of Implementation: Executing different IT set-ups are simple and streamlined. You will be up and running significantly faster with our cloud services than you can if you have to plan, buy, build, and implement in-house. With our service your team can start using the service within hours not days or weeks when needed.
  20. Location Independent – Because services are offered over the Internet, you are not limited to using cloud software or services just at work or only on one computer. Access from anywhere is a big advantage for people who travel a lot, like to be able to work from home, or whose organization is spread out across multiple locations. No need to worry about synchronizing files. They are all kept in one place. The ability to access your data from just about anywhere on the planet is quickly becoming vital, especially for multi-site workforces.

As a Service Provider these are the business scenarios where you should definitely consider EmeCloud for your clients

  • Remote staff working from multiple locations including home or from multiple offices
  • Staff is permitted to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  • Collaboration & Teamwork a must
  • A Server/Desktop refresh is coming up
  • IT management and support costs are weighing heavily on the business due to the age of their equipment
  • You are purchasing and implementing a backup & disaster recovery solution
  • Security & compliance requirements such as HIPAA, GLBA and SOX need to be met

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