Our Launchpad is the best thing since sliced bread when it comes to the cloud!  It offers several unique features that will make your time spent in the cloud productive and easy.


Utilizes the best connection to the cloud

Launchpad, when it first comes up, goes out and finds the best and fastest connection to EmeCloud and utilizes it.  In case the connection drops Launchpad automatically connects to the next best link.


Launchpad establishes a 256 bit fully encrypted tunnel between your local desktop and EmeCloud.  This means that people out on the internet can not see or access your secure data.

Printing integration and control

Our Launchpad completely and seamlessly integrates all locally accessible printers as cloud printers.  If you can print to it locally you can print to it from the cloud.  We also regulate print streams to your local printers to no more than 30% of available bandwidth from the cloud so when you are printing out your 100 page report you still continue to experience fast screen and keyboard response times.

Keeping track of your cloud applications

Launchpad gives you a clean, tablet like interface that helps you keep track of your cloud applications.  In addition we help keep track of them in your system tray by keeping them grouped together for ease of access.

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