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Authorized Reseller Information

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Getting Setup:

Reseller Information Gathering Form

As a Reseller of EmeCloud you and your clients will benefit from many automated functions of a total end-to-end cloud solution. Before we can get you set up we require some pre-requisites and some information about your company.


Reseller Specific Domain Name

EmeCloud requires each of our Resellers to have a specific domain dedicated to cloud services. This domain will provide an alternative domain to any client that wants cloud services, but does not have a domain of their own.

Every user on the system is segregated by domain and provided a login based on a full email address presence.

Ex. Login Username:

If a potential client does not own a domain presence, then the new client will adopt the domain of the Reseller.

Recommendation: Register a domain variation of your top level domain.


Main Domain:
Cloud Domain:, .mobi, .biz, etc

The Reseller can direct the A records to any website they deem, but a special A and MX record(s) need to be directed to EmeCloud

A Record – – IP:

MX Records:

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