About Us

Where have we been all this time?

EmeCloud has been focused on developing and creating a solid cloud delivery model for the past four years.  In this time we have worked closely with resellers and their end clients to make sure the systems were able to deliver on the promise of the cloud so when you start to use our cloud offering you are not having to wait while we “develop” it.


EmeCloud’s Datacenter

The EmeClouds Datacenter is in a hurricane resistant, Class-A office building in downtown Bradenton, Florida. It is equipped with a full line of industrial environmentals that are designed to protect and condition the facility.

All facility environmentals are owned and managed by EmeCloud, LLC and are in place and dedicated for the exclusive use of our data center.
These environmentals are not shared with, nor do they support any office space. What this means
for our partners is peace of mind.

24/7 Facility Access

Provide your customers with the comfort of knowing you can access their
equipment 24/7/365.

Industry Standard Conditioned Air

A/C is supplied by multiple separate and independent Liebert “System 3” glycol units.

Monitored Fire Suppression

Protected with FM-200 fire suppression. Fully automated and is remotely monitored twenty-four hours a day.

Multiple Power Circuits

Equipped with several levels of electrical power redundancy and conditioning. Multiple separate Liebert Power Distribution Units combined with multiple separate and independent Liebert UPS units.

Backup Generator Systems

The generator systems are capable of sustaining a full data center load for five days on a single fuel tank.

Maintenance and Support

All environmental components are under maintenance contracts with manufacturer certified companies.


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